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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
That might be correct ... I'm only passing on what the dealer told me....... I've not dis-assembled mine.

Does the "tank-side" of the check-valve hose from the check valve go to the tip-over valve or is there some other fitting on the tank?
Does non-tank side of the check-valve hose go to the CC or are there two "vent" hoses from the tank?

I'm confused because if this valve can only pass air into the tank and it is also this same hose that is connected to the CC ...
Then how does the CC ever get a chance to do it's job and collect gasoline fumes?
honestly.. the way how the tank get rid of OVERPRESSURE on achthundert is a great mystery to me I think it is on the pump unit.. but who knows...

btw: what is cc?
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