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Originally Posted by Barry View Post
Agree with the above. Cost and profit to mount and balance a tire are the same if a tire comes from down the street, or from the sales floor. Gouging me makes no sense. Applying that logic, there should be labor rates for bikes purchased at the shop, and higher rates for bikes purchased elsewhere.

Dealers are almost uniformly the Devil. Hence the horror stories and assinine comments relayed in this thread.

It is my observation that almost all rules, regulations, and policies at dealerships are designed to unreasonably and unethically separate customers from their money. Hence, customers run to non-stealerships, the internet, or friends to not only purchase items, but to have their bikes worked on.

I agree but when you're in a bind and need something done now, i.e. while traveling, a dealership comes in handy. You may not like the prices and/or services but it beats being stranded. Sometimes you forget that one tiny thing and no one else has it but the dealership..........and you needed it yesterday.
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