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Originally Posted by henrymartin View Post
Wife and I walk to a local dealership to buy some parts. While there, I look over a used Monster Dark, and mentioned I always like that bike. A month later, we have a 10 year anniversary, and wife wants to surprise me with the Monster. She calls the dealer, ask whether he could deliver it on our anniversary day (January), and he says yes. She then says she wants to use her credit card because she does not me to know about the purchase (surprise and all). he tells her he does not make enough money on a used bike to accept a credit card on a $3k bike. Really????? Anyway, I never did get the Monster because when she told me about it, I refused to even consider getting it there.
So, they couldn't swing the $60 CC fee on a bike they probably gave $2,200 for on trade for a new bike. Sounds like the logic at my local Kawi dealer. If they can't get top dollar for something they refuse. Quick example, $180 for a $100 Fulmer helmet. Theirs even had scratches from being dropped in the show room. It's probably why they had to start selling mopeds, tractors, and weed eaters to keep their doors open.
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