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So...I rode at the country club today and wanted to concentrate on corner speed, elbows up, look ahead, weight the outside peg and grip with your knees and for gods sake get up the gonads to do the big uphill double that they put in a month ago and I have pussied out on everyday since...

I started slow and tried to get in a rhythm and did not jump the uphill double for awhile but it haunted me every lap until I checked my vagina in the sweeper before the double and gassed it hard trying to clear it....which did not happen, cased it big time in the soft stuff before the landing and almost went over the bars...faaaaaak. I made every excuse I could think of, I'm old, It's a 125 how could I make it? I'm to fat for that poor little 2 stroke.

Well next lap around I came into the corner just like they say in Dirt Bike magazine and weighted the outside peg, looked ahead and gassed it, this was it! Go big or go home( in a meat wagon) welllll I friggen made it! Once I did it I did it 20-30 times, If I wasn't 100% on than I cased it and it was ugly but when I hit it right it was pure magic.

I left the track totally content, and consider today a personal triumph.
Not that I ever consider a day at the track bad but today was great.
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