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Originally Posted by ebrabaek View Post
That is not the case with my valve. As I noted in a post somewhere....might be on f800riders forum.... But if memory serves me correct ...... Mine flowed free with no restrictions....INWARD to the tank....and opened up about 4-5 psi AWAY from the tank. One note.... if vacuum was applied to the away side...( against the arrow) it would flow free with no restrictions. It only too a minute suction...and it would flow free against the valve. There should be no vacuum......not even a little...... but I can see a less than 5 psi pressure build up.

Yes, that's really the way I would expect it to work ... !!!!

Hold a "slight" positive pressure in order to "force" generated gasoline fumes into the CC when the bike is turned off ...
and to "free-flow" at the slightest vacuum ... as that means the engine is running and the CC is being "purged" (and that the vent line on the bottom of the CC might be obstructed ... etc as a result of the on-board computer turning on the solinoid that applies intake manifold vacuum to the canister.

But ... if it really DID work that way then the "TEE modification" would not have been required to the canister drain line becuase having the "low down" drain line plugged by water or debris would not have resulted in a stalling problem ....

I've said this before, but I'll say it again anyway...

I'd pay some serious money to share an evening's worth of beer with the German design team and hash some of this stuff out. Those guys are plenty smart or they wouldn't work for BMW ... we're kind of like the blind men and the elephant if you know that old joke....
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