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Originally Posted by Sock Monkey View Post
Something about this just doesn't seem right. I'm pretty sure one of the hoses attached to the fuel tank is there to carry away any water that collects around the cap, and exits under the bike so the water runs on the ground. If that hose is pinched, blocked, or mis-routed (it only works on gravity so any upward bend is gonna get ya), it could be a problem. Are you certain that drain hose isn't the source of your troubles? You indicated you had the tank off to get to the connectors for the heated grips (which you don't have to do by the way....they are behind the left side cover) and have also rerouted the tank hoses at least once. What's the chance something still isn't right? I ask because others have had their Stelvios in gully washers and not reported any problem at all with poor running afterwards......

SM: The cap drain hose is in it's proper place and clear. I have had poor running after rainstorms on more than one occasion. But, yesterday, after 11000 kms. I did my tappets. Discovered they had entirely closed right up. Proper adjustment has made BG run a whole lot better. I am a little perturbed at myself for running all those kms. like that. Read somewhere that they really need an adjustment in the first 10k but settle down after that. Hope that's true. Will definitely be keeping a better eye on them after this. And, as for the heated grip wires, you are wrong. Those are wires for a TomTom GPS. My connectors were tucked way in there under the tank.
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