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So, I am cleaning the garage up a bit, raining and all needed something to do, and I came across the two "cup" deals for the lower leading edge of the Fuel Tank. These are the TT units..

Now, I doubt I would have paid for them especially after seeing what they cost, but figured since I had 'em, and I already scratched the tank a bit in that area (moving crap around the garage like my daughter's bikes) I'd put 'em on.

I know I read somewhere that someone suggested double sided auto tape. My worry is crap like sand or dirt getting behind them and sitting there to scratch/rust.

So, anyone who has 'em mounted and isn't afraid to publish a pic, describing how they did it and with what, I'd appreciate it.

OR, if someone thinks I should just skip 'em, voice that to.

Thanks. BUMP for a great thread!
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