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About ten years ago, at age 75, my dad wanted to buy me a little toy bike as a stocking stuffer for Xmas. He didn't know where to get a Beemer so he went to the HD dealer in Palm Springs. Being right before Xmas, the place was packed with pirates' loved ones buying t-shirts and novelty helmets and what-not for their relatives. (Must be easy to buy a gift for a pirate - just get anything with a HD logo on it.)

Anyhow, all of the sales personnel were pretty much ignoring him so he walked over to the gal at the parts counter and loudly proclaimed that he wanted to buy a motorcycle. THEN three or four sales guys came rushing over. At this point my dad held up his two index fingers about 6 inches apart and said "About this big." Everyone in the store had a good chuckle at the sales guys' expense.

(FYI: My dad doesn't know shit about motorcycles, he just has a good sense of humor.)
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