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Call up my local Kawasaki dealer to order some parts for my zrx. Some new girl picks up the call, and i ask for this guy who i have dealt with for the last three years. He knows me and all my bikes. But instead the girl gets all aggro and calls me sexist.

Her: "Why do you need to talk to him? Just because i am a girl you think i don't know about bikes?"
Me: "no, it's just because he knows me and have always ordered my parts through him"
Girl: "just tell me what you need.."
Me: "ok, i need a, b, c, x, y, z for my 2001 Kawasaki zrx 1200"
Girl: "you mean zx12r"
Me: "nope, zrx 1200s"
Girl: "you must be reading it wrong"
Me: "nope, i know my bike, it's a zrx, not a ninja"
Girl: "nah, check your bike, it should say the model number, or bring it over and we will identify the bike for you"
Me: (hangs up) (facepalm)
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