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We rode up north to the border with Ukraine. Theres a ferry crossing here, it only takes a few minutes, but the border total took about 5 hours.
First you have to buy tickets for the ferry, then you get in line for the border control. Since we had bikes, we could slip to the front. Then they let a group into the controlled area. Theres 5 windows, but of course only one is open. Theres a shady area, but we cant sit there & wait, have to stay with the bikes. Finally, they call me up. They were a total pain in the ass. They donít like my passport. They donít like my bike document. I sit there while 7 or 8 people came up & looking at my papers. Then some asshole comes up, & starts grilling me about where I have been. Asks if I went to Ingushetia or Chechnya. Then the genius asks how I got into Georgia, as the land borders from turkey are closed. I told him no, theres 4 of them, & they are all open. I have crossed them several times.
Then he wants to see my pictures from GEO. So I show him. Its just scenery pics mostly. He thinks they still eat people in geo.
Then he asks me about problems I have had crossing Russian borders. I tell him I have crossed Russia 4 times, this is my first border with problems. Iím sorta fed up with this dick by now. Finally, another guy comes up, tells him to stop fucking with me & let me go. So he did.
So the ferry across, then the Ukraine customs.
These assholes have decided to charge bikes 300 rubles (10usd) to pass the border Ďfastí
There were about 5 of us on bikes. One dumbass paid (which always makes it worse for everyone else) the rest of us didnít.
So they made us sit for an hour, then let us go.

Finally, back on the road. We got to Sudak about dark, & looked for a room. Itís a big tourist area, but we found a homestay to sleep at, price wasnít too bad, & was a nice house.

On the ferry

The customs building, A for assholes I guess?

Crimea is a nice place along the coast

Nice guesthouse

My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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