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[B][COLOR=Orange]This little campground was supposed to be closed at 10pm, itís written in the Bible somewhere, so if you canít get your dumb butt in there by 10pm, keep on a goiní baby, officially, youíre out of luck. Unofficially, no one seems to give a hoot about regulations, so I shouldnít have been surprised when a pickup truck with the big bad dual exhaust pulled in at 12:30AM[FONT=Arial].

Good read JD. Very similar situation happened our first night camping in Colorado, that damn truck could have woke the dead.
thanks. yeah, a large and growing percentage of people think regulations were written for the OP...other people.

this little report included over 200 miles of east coast gravel roads, but strangely, i came across fewer vehicles per mile than i did on the Trans Taiga, or some of the big western gravel roads.

assume that your very cool rat bike performed well, and you've made it home safe and sound after riding the passes, and some rough backcountry roads.

this is what i wrote several years ago about the mindset required for these trips...

Time to go, goodbye, and Iím off adventuring once again. Starting on down the road on a trip like this feels like you kept a flask of adrenaline in your hip pocket just for the occasion, pulled it out, and drank it up in one long pull. All of it. If youíre not feeling alive at this point, as in absolutely and urgently alive, please consider staying home. Iím convinced that this heightened state is what allows your return, maybe not unscathed, but certainly alive.

i'm still a believer.
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