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Originally Posted by Navin View Post
Sounds like orange envy?

You admit there are different performance levels within the motorcycle realm, yes? Not everyone is Hell bent for leather to buy the cheapest machine and not everyone needs a top level bike. Something for everyone. Why a guy would buy two of the closer to the bottom rung bikes for more $ than a premium bike is a valid question. Even after reselling one of them the + 20% depreciation + reg + taxes seems a waste.

Why would someone do this? To compete with moto journalists who are being paid to compare and have a track record, good or bad, with readers? I can't say I get it either.
Well.....the reason.....suspense wanted a WR and my wife need a bike. She is to short for a WR with a 27" inseam. So looked at the KLX and the DR and the CRF. The CRF won. Yeah

So I bought them within a week of each other.
Someone wanted to know my riding level. I have been riding for a long time. I starting working ant the local Yamaha Suzuki dealer at 15. That is when I bought my first real dirt bike. A RT180 in black and red. Flipped it over the first day I bought it trying to ride a wheely for the neighbor girl. At the time I was embarrassed but I ended up hittin it about 10 years latter so it must have worked. I have been riding ever since. I ride every day of the year other than ice and I live in IL so I think that is saying something. If you view my past bikes you will get the idea. I go though a ton of them. I normally get a new one every six months or so. I have had many more other than what is listed but there isn't enough room to list them all.

This leads me to the KTM guy. Are you kidding. KTM hasn't released a bike that I would call reliable in the last ten years. Oh wait...the FREERIDE. The three dealers around me don't even know what it is STL, Evansville, and Nashville. I had to beg them to call about it and when they did "I don't know" was the answer. My least favorite bikes of the majors made are KTM. Nothing like a dealer network that doesn't know shit. Don't get me wrong. I love the bike on paper. I love the way they look. I hate the way they ride. I hate their bugs. I hate the dealers. With that said. I can buy what ever bikes I wish. I am educated on almost every model in existence. I like to RIDE. I like to work on bikes. However if I find myself working on bikes more than I ride my bikes. I'm not HAPPY anymore. Therefore no KTM. I don't want to turn this into a bike slam or anything of the sort but please do not enter a thread comparing two different bikes and say things like. "I don't know why you don't get a KTM or a suzuki or an airplane or a car. A car would be better. You are dumb." That isn't what this post is about. It is about a WR and a CRFL bottom line. If you aren't interested in the comparison of these two models then don't read the post!

Ok, now with that said. I go to ride a lot more this weekend. I also lowered the CRF for my wife. I noticed no ill effects from this other than ground clearance.
I rode the WR in the woods quite a bit this weekend. It was mostly all on tight single track. Some was sandy and rocky other areas were just a mud pit. The bike did great and for a bike with 3k mile service intervals. All I can say is wow what a great bike. If you want to ride hard off road the WR is great, also performs great on road. It has more balls than the Honda in every way.
Now for the Honda. It is an amazing motorcycle for the money/for beginner. It will do everything the WR will do just won't do it as well or fast. If you are going to buy the CRFL don't buy it with the intention of upgrading the suspension. Everything about the bike is just less than the WR. You could upgrade the suspension but you still don't have the same bike as the WR, It just will always be a lesser bike. I love the little Honda but it is more of a great farm bike kind of along the lines of the 230L. You can trail ride it, you can ride two up, you can ride it on the road. It just does so in a mild manor. It will never be an attack type of machine. Ride it for what it is a cheap WR. Speaking of which. The Honda takes as low as 86 octane. I love that. I live in the country and finding 91+ is kind of like finding a 18 year old virgin around here.
Anyway, this is the last report for a while. If you have any questions related to these two bike just ask.

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