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This thread has now reminded me of a couple of other stories:

Back in late 2000 I was looking to buy a new truck., had an older full size SUV and the wife and dog were always fighting over the front seat (in retrospect should have kept the SUV and the dog and sold the wife). Went looking for a mid-size pickup (Dodge Dakota, Chevy Colorado, Nissan Frontier, Toyota Tacoma). Each time we went shopping, we took the dog with us, kinda like the ol' saying " if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy", in this case, if momma and the dog ain't happy, I'm gonna be in a world of hurt.

At each dealer, I explained that I needed a 4 dr pickup to accomodate the wife and dog. Walked into 2 different Toyota dealers (not really a Toy fan to begin with, but what the heck), not only would they not let us take the dog for a test ride in the truck, one dealer didn't want her in the showroom and the other wouldn't even let me put her in the backseat of the truck to see if the window height worked for her. Next was Nissan, 2 different dealers, one had a large sign on the entrance, SERVICE ANIMALS ONLY PERMITTED IN BUILDING, we left. Next dealer, salesman came out to greet us, showed us the stock of trucks, as soon as I opened the back door on one, my dog leapt in (I didn't prod her at all, she did it on her own). the salesman went pale and said that would be a problem as they would now have to have it cleaned before someone else test drove it. Um, yeah, don't think so. Headed to Chevy next, just didn't like the trucks so we moved on. Next stop was Dodge, two different dealers. First dealer, not only were they cool with the dog being in the backseat, the salesman opened the door and encouraged the dog to get in before handing me the keys for a test drive. When we got back, while we chatted about the truck, he gave her a couple of biscuits. Only reason I didn't buy the truck from them, they didn't have one with the options I wanted. They said they could bring one in from the dealer across town but it would take 3 days. Guess which dealer we went to next. Again, same treatment as the previous dealer, except while we were doing the paperwork and going over some dealer installed options I wanted, the salesman actually paged one of the lot runners to fetch bottles of water for me and the wife, as well as a bowl of water for the dog. While in with the finance guy, they brought her another bowl of water and a couple of treats.

But this one takes the cake. Wife wanted an SUV (for 4wd in the snow), I said let's look at AWD cars (Subaru, Audi, BMW, MB). Stopped by the Porsche/Audi dealer where a friend was a mechanic, looked at new and used cars. Test drove a couple of cars, the one my wife really wanted (an '02 A4) we had one problem with, the interior was red (seats, headliner, visors, etc.), on the passengers side headliner, visor, and A-pillar it was splotchy red, very visible color difference. It actually looked like blood, and when you scraped at them with your nail, it flaked off. I assumed the car had been wrecked, repaired and not cleaned up. When I pointed it out to the salesman, he swore the car was never wrecked, but then, with a straight face while looking at the discoloration and flaking....WHAT DO YOU EXPECT IT IS A USED CAR, IF YOU WANT PERFECTION BUY A NEW ONE....then walked off. I wrote down the VIN and we did leave, very quickly. I ran the VIN through CARFAX, came back with one ding, a major accident in Sept. '03. Called my friend and told him what happened, then called told the sales manager, explained everything to him about what happened and what I found afterwards. Next morning, my buddy text's me that the salesman was fired 15 minutes after I got off the phone with the sales manager. We still bought an Audi, but not from that dealer.
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