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Originally Posted by BigDoc View Post
I got a jump Saturday morning and rode to Eurosport Asheville. I left the bike running in the lot and walked to the parts counter. "I need a battery for a K100." Parts girl goes to the computer. "What year and model is your bike?" It is a K100 I say. "What year?' WTF? All K 100 BMWs take the same battery. Parts girl, "We don't have it in stock; but I can order it; should be here by Wednesday."
i love it! Happens to me all the time! just this weekend i walked into the local parts store to get a bulb for my RZR. i know they are the same as Chevy truck and about a million other car taillights and a lot cheaper than the Polaris dealer.

me - what part number are Chevy truck tail lights?

counter girl - do you have the VIN number?

me - no its not really for a chevy truck.

counter girl - well then i canít tell you the correct number.

me - ok hold on. (walk out to my Chevy truck and get my VIN)

me - xyz123vinforme

counter girl - its part number xyz321

me - thanks.
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