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Originally Posted by Cornbread82 View Post
One thing that you didn't talk about is that night at the hotel, Allan and John were in a room together. About 02:00 John hears a strange noise, it sounded like something was rubbing on something at a fast pace, then a OOHHH.....OOOHHH, John is thinking no....NO WAY.....HE ISN' he????? At this point Allan is just about crawling on the floor to his sleeping bag, shaking like a leaf trying to warm himself with his legs cramping so bad he couldn't walk!! We all had a good laugh at this in the morning when the Turbo Donkey (John) was telling the story!
Omg! Don't tell me I forgot the most important Baja lesson!!!!
What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico! Lol

Seriously it was pretty funny in hindsight but scary when it happened. When we went to bed it was hot as hell so we cranked the ac and I was sleeping on the floor under the ceiling fan. The ac must have decided to run in hyperdrive cause when I woke up I was convulsing and shivering like a mad man. Both legs cramped up so tight I wanted to scream! I literally crawled across the floor to my backpack, retrieved my sleeping bag and willed my legs inside!
Only in Baja!
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