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Left Jeff and Leslie this morning around 9.
I could have stayed there forever! LOL. They made me feel at home and were always so helpful.
I loved watching those two, even after years of being married, they are still very much in love. Cool! Maybe one of these days I might experience the same. wnker4
Yesterday after Jeff had put the new Heidenau on my rim I saw this bug after I had put the wheel back on.

Look at the cool face on it's back! Two eyes and a mouth. Even a neck and black chest :Hap1:

I decided to take Hwy 34 east toward Iowa. Got stuck behind one of these, and was sorely tempted to ride underneath it. Don't think my windscreen would have cleared it ?;>]--

I think I am going to cal this particular road Diamond Highway!
It was awesome the way it looked when the sun shone on it. Like riding over scattered diamonds. Mind you, it would have been a very clever way of hiding tons of diamonds in clear view, and no one would be any the wiser!

Managed to get temporarily lost in Plattsmouth, there were so many detours that I missed my Hwy 29 turn. I think they do this on purpose so you'll see the town, which is really quite nice!

There is a small old toll bridge that you'll have to go over in order to get into Iowa. Well, didn't have any cash on me, so when I asked the guard if I could pay with a debit card, the answer was a prompt NO! But then I was allowed to cross over without paying, very sweet! I didn't fancy turning around getting lost again, and paying an ATM fee just to cross.
Again I entered Iowa without seeing a welcome to Iowa sign, Darn it!!!! I'll have to take one when I leave it.
In Red Oak right now eating some oatmeal, and typing up this report. Heading back to Ames in a few! Hope the cat is still alive!
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