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haha, scottmac.

good one!

there are a "Hole" lot of Ass families around, that's for sure.

Day 5: 6/26/12 continued
Torrey, UT to Salina, UT 139 miles

Matt and I were taking River Ford, which would bring us down to Cathedral Valley.
Aaron was going to have a quick look-see and then would make his way over to Lake Powell.

River Ford started off as its name suggested (crossing the Fremont River)...

It wasn’t bad.

Cap’n underpants did great!

As soon as you get across and you’re thinking, “woo hoo!”
Boom! Silt.

All right! This is what I’m talking about...
nice roads,

Interesting terrain,

and no people!
Aside from Aaron, BigWan and I didn’t see a single person on this entire road.

Bentonite Hills

from the NPS website:
The Bentonite Hills among the Hartnet Road and the Painted Desert on the Cathedral (also known as the Cainville Wash) Road
appear as softly-contoured, banded hills in varying hues of brown, red, purple, gray, and green.
The hills are composed of the Brushy Basin shale member of the Morrison Formation.
This layer was formed during Jurassic times when mud, silt, fine sand, and volcanic ash were deposited in swamps and lakes.
Bentonite clay (altered volcanic ash) absorbs water and becomes very slick and gummy when wet,
making vehicle or foot travel difficult or impossible.

There’s cap’n underpants!
I thought this section was really neat. Very other-worldly.

We stopped for a quick break and Aaron decided it was time to turn back.
If he was going to get to Lake Powell in time to catch a ferry today,
he needed to get South.

Matt and I were taking the pink dot route through Cathedral Valley and out to I-70.
Our goodbye point is in orange. I'm guessing that's where it was, but there were no signs.

After water and some snacks, we bid farewell to Cap’n underpants...
It was a little nervewracking to leave him out here, in the middle of nowhere.
He had a AAA map of Utah and a GPS he didn’t really know how to use.

We would have felt better if it were a gas station on a major interstate,
but instead it was a lonely road in the desert.
He still had to go back through the silt and that watercrossing....

Aaron assured us he'd be fine.

Bye, Cap’n underpants!!
Thanks for riding along and hanging out with us!

Now it was just us Wans.

I guess we were crossing in and out of the park boundaries...

It was mucking hot out there.
We stopped for another water break at the overlook.

Wow. Cathedral Valley.

zooming in

Okay, let’s get down there...

It was a nice ride down.

Getting closer...

Here we are!

It was probably the absolute worst light for photographing these things*.
Harsh, hot, mid-day sun.
Oh well.

I guess geology-enthusiasts call them “monoliths” or “temples.”

They’re really cool.
Too bad I did a crap job with the pictures.
We slowed down, but didn't actually get off the bike.

You guys know how we are.
I pride myself on taking tons of mediocre photos.
Not beautiful, not spectacular, not stunning...
But the best one can take from the pillion seat of a moving bike.

So, here are some from Cathedral Valley...

I really like the notch in this one.

This one shows some of the silt we had (not Tilt).

Oh, I guess we were at the Upper Cathedrals earlier...

hey, that’s us - we want I-70

Away we go...

These roads were really nice.

Except for the silt. Deep, terrifying silt. Tilt.
We had one section that was really something.
I didn’t get photos (too scary, had to hold on), but don’t worry.
there will be more Tilt photos on the UTBDR.

Some more weird moonscapes

And then we’re back to wide open desert

We didn’t know anything about Capitol Reef/Cathedral Valley before this trip,
but the ride was really nice.
It reminded us of Death Valley.
This is a huge national park, with dramatic geologic features and amazing views,
but your average tourist only sees a small portion of it.
You have to get out into the dirt to see the good stuff.

Eventually, the fun was over and we had to get on the slab
Salina, here we come...

Oh Salina!
(prowl off, jump an prance)

We got a room at the Super 8.
For TAT the Hard Way, we liked the Rodeway Inn but we hear they’ve really gone down hill since 2009.

Apparently the Super 8 (and all of salina) was pretty booked up, so we were lucky to even get a room.

Have you seen this before? A rubber ducky (to use, not to keep).
Cute, but weird. I’m not a bath person.
I do love that song, though (and Ernie!). I used to have the 45.


Tomorrow - Black Dragon Wash!!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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