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Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System

I have been toying with the idea of taking an Alaskan Ferry from Bellingham, WA to somewhere in Alaska, and then riding back. Realistically/financially, I think I could be ready for this in a couple years. Looks like June is the preferred time to motorbike in Alaska.

This forum is a wealth of information on Alaskan motorcycle trips, I was wondering if anyone has any experience on one of the many Alaskan Marine Highway ferrys? Any experience would be helpful. For example, you can camp on the deck, is camping pretty good, or is it wet and miserable? Was a an overall good experience? etc.

From what I have seen on the websites, I can expect to pay ~$450 for a motorcycle stall on the ferry and primative tent sleeping, rooms are extra, so is food. Does this sound correct?

Any Alaskan ports recommended as my destination? Do some ports have better roads out of the city, or at least they have roads, etc

Apologies, if this is covered to death in another thread, I did my best searching for the Alaskan Ferry information.

Here was a neat article I found from the Seattle Times.
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