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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
Some folks have said they have walked out of a dealer never to return based on the words or actions of one employee , IMO, it would be more productive to talk to the manager/owner before throwing them under the bus.
I worked in the (auto) parts business for over 15 years. I think I have a realistic tolerance level for counter employees when I visit an establishment, because I have truly "spent a day in their shoes". When I bought my KLR, one of the first things I did was visit the local dealer to get a second key for it. This particular dealer also sells BMWs, so you'd think they would be a bit better in the customer service aspect.

Oh no.

I had the gall to interrupt a conversation between the two parts geeks, the one who waited on me obviously dealing with the aftermath of a late night out. The blank key of course had to be ordered (not surprised) but appeared to be such a tremendous annoyance to the parts guy I doubted I'd ever want to come back. The guy was so rude I'd have fired him on the spot had he worked for me. But I order my key and come back a week later (they did actually call to tell me it came in) and gave them a second chance, figuring one hungover employee may not be the way to draw a conclusion. Nope, no better the second time. The key in it's bag was all but thrown at me onto the counter by an equally rude asshole who apparently believed anything less than a sport bike wasn't worth his time (this based on conversation I'd overheard during my waiting for them to notice me). While being rung up, I listened with some amusement as a guy next to me struggled to get them to supply a taillight bulb for his BMW...a bulb he could have bought at any auto parts store for a couple bucks, but he wound up paying over $5 for while getting equally indifferent service by people who could hardly remove their butts from their stools.

Do I bother to tell the dealer management? No, because subsequently I find out this is SOP for the place and has been such for a long time. The owner of the place sits at his desk mere feet away and has to know what is going on. I cheerfully drive 20 minutes in the opposite direction to be treated with a smile by another dealer's parts staff.
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