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buying tires is a joke anymore, when I bought mine last month, I knew what I wanted, called 5 different dealers/parts houses , and of course got 5 different prices of ranging from $300/set to $500/set for the same tires. Needless to say I went with the $300/set. But, the dealer I bought mine from, while being the most expensive for the tires was the cheapest for mount/balance when I took the bike to him (was having other work done). Buying online wasn't much cheaper, in fact was about the same in price as the shop I bought them from.

Customer service , I've gotten to the point of where if they won't at least acknowledge me when I walk in the door, I won't bother asking them for help. My friends mother does "secret shopping", one of the stores she regularly hits is Best Buy. Her last visit 6 months ago, she rated the store and management so poorly, they turned the entire staff within 2 months.
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