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I'm back in Ames Iowa.
After Red Oak I encountered some road work, thought this was a pretty unique road composition, black and white.

Looked at the map, and decided to take Highway 25, just cause my B-Day is on the 25th. While riding I glimpsed this hug rock that had been painted, I turned around cause I was curious as to what was painted on it.
Turns out this rock is famous.

The young man who started this, think he was 19 at the time, did this after seeing Saving Private Ryan.
He changes it every year

I am so against war that seeing this made me very sad...... what a waste, we could do so much better than this!
The only way I can cope with mankind's stupidity is in believing that everything happens for a reason.
Guess the only way to long for world peace is to finally get fed up with world war. I sure hope that comes around sooner than later!

The view behind the rock gave me a bit of peace. Nature does wonders for the soul. A bit of heaven in this crazy world.

Another red barn

Iowa has some amazing skies, and the camera is not doing justice to the different colors of the field. There were different hues of yellows and golds and ochres.

Now I can truly say, without lying, that I have been to Jamaica!

Got back to Ames via some obscure country roads that were just awesome, P30 is one of them.
Back at Robert's house Nickel was happy to see me again. He kept following me around like a young puppy dog, even though he is a really old cat (14yrs).

Using the sink together was a bit of a challenge. Hey Nickel, can I spit out my toothpaste now??

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