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1977 R100/7 Project Bike - Intro and Questions


A few months back I picked up a 1977 R100/7 as a project bike. I found it on Craigslist; it needs a lot of work but the price was right (or, not terrible at least), and I figured it would be a great learning experience. I'm at a point where I will start needing the collective wisdom of this forum, so I figured I'd start with an intro post.

Here is a brief background on me and the bike for those interested; questions will be at the bottom of this post and in later posts for those that want to skip ahead. I'll try my best to search here and elsewhere before posting questions.

I live in Northern Virginia, and also own a 2008 R1200GS I bought new. I've enjoyed doing my own work on it with the help of GSpot, the JVB DVDs, and the local BMW club tech days (BMW Bikers of Metro Washington). I was psyched to learn that advrider also had this Airheads forum! This is the first major project like this I've ever taken on. I do all the regular maintenance on my GS, and have installed some farkles. I've also done things like new radios and remote start installs on our other vehicles, and new struts, brake rotors/pads, lower ball joints, upper control arms on my Explorer. So, I'm pretty handy but don't have a whole lot of experience with this stuff, so I have to learn as I go.

I've been reading many of the helpful threads here, I've been in touch with Snowbum and have consulted many of his tech articles, I've signed up for the airheads mailing list, and I've purchased the Clymer manual. I'm also very fortunate to be pretty close to Bob's BMW and Capital Cycle. With the help of a friend/neighbor who has restored a few Porsches and VW Bugs, I've started tearing down the bike to get it running again and mechanically sound.

Here are some pics of the bike when I picked it up (carburetors were removed before these pics). In addition to that awful rear case, the bike came with two Krauser cases that are in very good shape. Unfortunately the brackets you see installed are not in as good of shape.

It has about 44,000 miles on it. I don't have much of the history of the bike, but from some of the decals it looks like it was in regular use up until 2001 or so. Unfortunately, the last owner became ill for a number of years and didn't do much with it, and then I purchased it from his daughter a few years after his death. So, the bike sat for a while, outside for at least part of that it seems. It turned over but didn't run when I purchased it; the tank was completely rusted on the inside, and both carbs and one of the heads indicate they had standing water in them for a period of time. The tires are shot, and the exhaust was completely rusted out. Inside of tank:


Thus far, the major things we have done:

- Removed rear case/ bracket, backrest, Krauser brackets, and Plexifairing 3 windshield
- Removed exhaust
- Sent the tank out for rust removal / sealing / priming (not back yet)
- Completely disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt both carburetors
- Rebuilt both petcocks
- Sent the heads to Paul Sturges to have one of the exhaust threads rebuilt (that was a fun day ), new valve guides installed, valves reseated, and heads bead blasted (BTW, Paul does amazing work at a great price!)
- Pulled both cylinders, and bead blasted the outside of the cylinders, the valve covers, front engine cover, and oil pan
- Reinstalled oil pan with new gasket
- Removed steering damper (it was shot and leaking)
- Replaced choke cables

Pistons and interior of cylinders look good so far.

Carbs, petcocks, and heads:

Current state of project:

I'm still waiting on another shipment from Capital Cycle, and then our immediate plan is to get the motor, carburetors, new fuel lines, petcocks, and resealed tank installed. We are also going to rebuild the master cylinder and front caliper, replacing the brake line and the piston if necessary. First order of business after that will be replacing all the fluids/filters and then checking out the condition of the clutch, transmission, and final drive.

Long term plan for the bike is still up in the air at this point. Priority is to get it mechanically sound, and worry about cosmetics later. A few weeks after I purchased the bike, my wife and I found out she was pregnant with our first children (twins!), so I probably won't have as much time as I initially thought for the bike, but I'm really in no rush.

I'm thinking I would eventually like to restore it to a mostly stock look, with black paint and pinstripe, the only exceptions being Euro bars with bar end mirrors, and a different seat.

I don't plan on reinstalling the windshield or Krauser cases, so if anyone is interested, let me know.

Sorry for the long intro. If anyone has any general tips or suggestions based on the plan of attack I laid out, I'd be very happy and grateful to hear them. Also, if anyone in the NoVA area is interested in being an "Airhead Mentor" (we call them "Elmers" in the Ham radio world), I'm all ears!

First Questions:

1) When we pulled the jugs, there were no gaskets between the engine block and the jugs. There were no indents for the large o rings that some jugs have. Both upper cylinder studs (correct term?) on each side had small o rings around them, but that's it. It didn't even seem like sealant was used.

The Clymer manual indicates that a gasket should be there, and an o ring if there are indents for it. Snobum's tech article seems to indicate that sometimes neither large o rings nor gaskets were used, only high temp RTV.

When we reinstall the jugs, should we just use just the RTV and the small o rings on the upper studs, or should I get gaskets? If gaskets are used, do you forgo the RTV?

2) I've read a lot about the "$2,000 O Ring", and I'm still a bit confused. When I pulled the oil filter cover, it had a single gasket behind it, and the oil filter o ring was in good shape and looked like it was seated well. I'm going to replace it, but is it safe to assume I can just replace the o ring, install a new gasket behind the cover, and all will be well?

2008 BMW R1200GS
1977 BMW R100/7 (work in progre$$)

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