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Originally Posted by jdc_va_usmc View Post
1) ... had small o rings around them, but that's it. It didn't even seem like sealant was used.

2) it safe to assume I can just replace the o ring, install a new gasket behind the cover, and all will be well?

JDC! hello:)


1) - no base gasket, just the 2 small orings and some sealant (there are many opinions on which sealant) - just be sure not to clog the oil passageways.

2) it is not safe to assume that;) does snowbum have a long, wordy article about it? re-read it a few times OR find yourself some local airheads (I did). It is not complicated, but you want to be sure you have measured everything appropriately and add/subtract shims as required. the danger is not having correct oil pressure.

good luck!
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