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This happened several years ago, but judging from some of the entries here, it could have been yesterday. No moto content though.

My wife got some inheritance money, and wanted to buy a new car. Choices were limited where we lived at the time, so we ended up on "Auto row" in Riverside, CA.

The typical encounter with sales went like this;
We'd walk up to the sales guy, or he would greet us next to some car or another.
I'd say "She's buying a car, I'm just here for the ride".
Then he would proceed to address me...

My wife would explain what she was looking for and they would say something like "we have a lot of cars out there, let me know if something catches your eye".

At one place, the Izuzu dealer, I think, we were looking at a model neither of us were familiar with. My wife said "what can you tell us about this car?"
They guys response, "The wheels go around".

My wife is short, so ergonomics are an issue. The suggested solution from several of these guys? "Just get a pillow and you'll be fine". Ehh no, for spending $xx,000.00 I want a car that FITS me.

This went on for the full day. We took a break for dinner, she was frustrated, mad and disappointed, ready to go home. I suggested one more try, we hadn't been to Toyota yet, even though it was high on the list.

We eat, get to the dealer after dark. The salesWOMAN comes out and we start the drill;
"She's buying a car..." From that point it was as if I had vanished into thin air.
My wife told her what sort of car she was looking for, and she listened and steered us toward a Corolla twincam-16.
She explained the features of the car in a straightforward way, with no BS.
She listened to the concerns about ergos and addressed them, by demonstrating the driver's seat and control adjustments, and explaining what was possible beyond that either in that car or others. Then she made sure it was a comfortable fit for my wife. And, said nothing that involved the department store bedding section.

At that point, I knew the car had just been sold, all the other stuff, test drive, figuring out the price etc. was just window dressing. We went home in two cars that night.

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