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Originally Posted by SilkMoneyLove View Post
My buddy came to visit me in WI. He wanted an oil change as it was due on his GS. The HD shop had the oil grade he needed and was on the way, but wouldn't do the change b/c it was a BMW.
I was surprised because this was a HD, Buell and Ural dealer and they have always treated me well.
The owner is a great guy and following the Golden Rule (he who has the gold, rules) my buddy bought the oil and we did the change in my garage.
My thinking is that the techs don't know BMW so the shop can't guarantee the work? Not sure, but that is my guess.
One hole to take the old oil out and another hole to put the new stuff in. Any HD tech who couldn't handle that shouldn't be playing with sharp objects, let alone wrenching on $20K motorcycles
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