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Day 5

Galway to Dingle

I'm not sure if I stayed in the college part of town or if the entire town is a little rowdy at night. Last night I went to bed early then wound up getting back up at midnight to have a beer and a remarkably spicy kebab around the corner. The entire town was still raging with college kids, loud music, yelling, bottles breaking and even a scuffle in the Kebab house. Reminded me of nights of getting thrown out of bars in Chico in my younger years.
I felt right at home, although I must admit I did feel a little out of place drinking alone and a little too old to look like a college kid. Didn't want to be the creepy lone wolf hanging out at the college bar trying to perv out on the young girls. So I finished my kebab and headed back to the room to pass out again. Great town, I wish I had more time there and a drinking buddy.. Had a light breakfast and hit the road. Some parting shots..

To the Cliffs of Moher.

No walking on fire near seagulls?


Get Sum

Killmer to Tarbert ferry. Love taking ferries, reminds me of taking the Sausalito ferry in SF when I was a kid with my dad. They always have the best snacks on board.

Unfortunately I didn't take very many pictures from the last part of the day as I was too busy getting rained on, hailed on, pissed on and blown all over the road. As said previously, I was wearing enough armor to look like a spaceman so the weather didn't bother me too much aside from cold hands. Apparently my gloves weren't Gore-tex, no big deal.

The road to Dingle was pretty impressive, I'll post more pictures of Dingle on day 6 as the weather was a little more cooperative.

I'm not sure entirely why this seems to happen more often now that I work as a nurse, but it seems every where I go I wind up getting involved in medical emergencies.. Even got involved with a person that fainted on the flight from Sacramento to Chicago on the way out. I arrive in Dingle and do my usual, find the main pub(Murphy's), go in order a beer and ask about a room. I drop my stuff off in the room and go back downstairs to have dinner and more beer. The bar was full of people, most dressed in black. Asked the bartender, apparently there was a funeral today which would explain the mood of the group. Out of nowhere there's commotion and people yelling behind me with people huddled on the ground. Turns out one of the ladies from the funeral had a seizure and hit the floor. I worked my way over to the group to try to help and over heard a woman with an American accent who apparently wasn't with the group but was asking all the right questions about the woman. Turns out she was a nurse as well so I started moving people and tables to make way for the ambulance to bring a stretcher in. We send the lady off and I wind up sitting down and talking with the American to find out where she's from. Small world, not only does she work in the bay area near where I work but she used to work at the same hospital I work at. We even know a couple of the same people, what are the odds...

A friend of mine from the town I grew up in referred me to Murphy's and told me to keep an eye our for a Placer County Sheriffs badge he remembered seeing. Found it
Enough excitement, time for bed. Big day tomorrow, I've been looking forward to the Ring of Kerry for a couple years

Next up: Dingle Peninsula, Ring of Kerry, Ballycotton and a shitload of pictures
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