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Riding North up Route 1 was really excellent. We were all excited to be making some headway, the real adventure beginning now with no plans of where we would end up for the night.

I sprung a leak so we had to stop for a minute while I took care of it.

We cruised North for a while taking in the essential California - Sun, ocean breeze, great roads and beautiful flora (fauna too ).

Constantly scanning the map as I rode, I spotted a track on the map that curved so tight like a Ramen noodle heading up into the hills.

Panoramic Highway. TURN RIGHT

Up up up we go draggin pegs and dropping into first for some corners, then banging through gears until the next one. No traffic - amazing.

You know, we really didn't hit much traffic on the whole trip and I will say that compared to New England, people in California (outside of the cities) were very courteous drivers and nice enough to pull over for us when they saw three headlights pile up in the rearview.
Except the dreaded fart-smellers in their pruises who would not pull over or even go the speed limit. Get out of my way, I get better mileage than you with my throttle wide open.

Pruis rant over, I really enjoyed the hell out of driving up Panoramic - and things just got better when we headed North on Ridgecrest.

The views up here were pretty remarkable as we got above the trees into the grasslands. Treated to a view of the San Fran skyline we had to stop for a few photos.

Heading North. Ish :)

This road was just so, SO good

And then we came to Bolinas.

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