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Originally Posted by Scott_PDX View Post
It will come...decided to ride down the Coast to Sunset Bay to camp with my brother for the weekend vs. nerding off on the computer. Now...back to uploading pictures.

Regarding John's DR650, I'll let him tell you about the history of the bike (He's been working out of town since we got back). But his maintainence has been VERY minimal. I don't think he's ever washed it, and all that crap they say you MUST do to a stock DR650, he didn't do. Can't remember the exact number, but the number of time he's changed the oil is in single digits. I think he had some drive train issues once (worn sprokets), but other than that just tires, tires, tires. He does have a aftermarket pipe, pumper carb and upgraded suspension, and the bike hauls ass. Pretty impressive considering how he rides it.

I love me some Sunset Bay...
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