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.. well .. went after this one tonight .. FAIL ..

.. after having a tech-fail on the NCNCTAR I decided to still go after this one .. and was even thinking of running the trifect tonight just for kicks as I was feeling pretty sure they would not be standing by the time I had some time off and the opportunity to run them later ..

.. well .. dark-thirty got darker .. then about ten miles out the rain started falling .. just a little drizzle .. no biggy .. the pavement under the trees overhanging the roads were still dry so I figured it had not been falling long nor very hard .. then my Garmin sends me down Brower Meadow Road, which looks just fine on the Satellite view but is in fact gravel .. and those long buildings you see on the satellite view?? .. yeah .. Dairy Farm .. anyone been around a Dairy Farm in the rain?? .. oh it's an odor not to be missed and one that I have not experienced since childhood ..

.. that's about the time I started laughing at myself and the situation ..

.. wheeled into the new church parking lot, which is right next door to the historical church .. young man sitting on the front porch across the street was eyeing my pretty hard while he was chatting on his cordless phone .. I was tempted to pull up under the cover to what looked like the fellowship hall .. but decided against it .. especially with a witness .. lol .. buy now it was actually raining real raindrops and acting like a rain shower .. complete with the lightening and everything ..

.. now there was no chance in the world I was going to go off-roading through the yard to get a pic .. much less drag my iPhone out in to the rain to do so .. lol .. so I packed it up and wheeled it back home just as the fog was starting to rise and get thick .. lol .. it was great .. still smiling at myself ..

.. the rain kinda caught me by surprise .. I had just been down in this area for most of the day with not a cloud in sight and near-perfect weather all day long while we were at the zoo .. yeesh ..

.. by the time I got ten miles up 421 north the rain broke and the ride home was a great opportunity to dry out and just enjoy the night ..

.. good night ..
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