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The New World I.20 – From Russians, with love

Thank you for all your kind appreciation! I will try to bring the story up to date this week so then we can talk about the future plans as well

Well this trip is supposed to happen in Americas right? Right! The New World, Alaska, Latin America. Then what’s the story with the Russians? They were not supposed to be in the picture of this Journey. Well, in the day we visited Kenai Peninsula, we were to be surprized again.
So the idea was to make a run for 2 days to Homer to the end of Kenai peninsula and back. Quick in, quick out! The day starts in Anchorage with the usual nonsense about checking gas, checking oil, air pressure, then getting ready to go. Ups, low on gas, let’s find a gas station. And so on until close to mid day when we finally find the town exit. Almost all the areas where we will pass today belong to some sort of National Park, National Forest or some reservation. And the the weather helps us liking the views eve more.
The landscape reminds me of Lofoten Islands in Norway.
As it is a beautiful day, Alaskans are all out to play. Some of them even almost convince us that the water is nice and hot. Almost…

We make a small detour from the main road to see, for our first time in our lives, glaciers.
It is one thing to see them on TV. But seeing them in real life, and especially feeling their coldness coming from ice and snow packed away millions of years before, that was something to remember. Although sunny and hot until then, close to them, it was quite cold. Andreea misses another opportunity to have a sun tan.
As we were gettting close to the end of the road, we turn right on a private property. Purely by chance, just in search for a nice place to eat. They had little huts to rent but we just wanted to sit on the green grass and enjoy a nice meal from the supermarket We get the permission from the owner and when we get close to the edge… we are without words again.
We are somewhere high on a cliff and below us white clouds move between the sea and the sky. On the background, white snow covered mountains remain silent and still to the great spectacle of nature. I’ll just add that Andreea postponed her lunch to admire the view. And who knows Andreea, knows that this is a big deal.
But Homer was close and we proceed to our final destination for the day. Or so we thought. The plan was to get there, see the end of the road, find a place to camp, find a cheap place to eat, smile and be happy.
Well, we did find the end of the road. It was on a piece of land ,stretching into the Ocean, which the Alaskans lovely named it “the spit”.
We also see the beach with a lot of places good for camping. Good. That is also solved.
Now, let’s find a place to eat. Hmm maybe we can ask this gentleman here if he knows something reasonable. Well we go and ask him. But something is wrong, there is a communication problem. Quickly a mental check. yes I’ve asked correctly the question. Oh, I see, he is not American. There was nothing wrong with the question, just that the answer was not 100% in English. Hehe, he is Russian. Ok OK, do not worry, I know some Russian.
Panimaiu panimaiu, gavarite pa ruski!
Oh, and his face is full of happiness. Now he can speak, fast and with a lot of words. Waaa wait a second friend. I understand Russian even worse than you can speak English. So please, slow and simple words. I am Sasha (Russian version of Alex). She is my wife Andreea. We were wondering if you know a place where to eat?” OK, I understand, you are Feodor, you are Russian and you suggest us a place which I almost understand where it is. Hmm and the Feodor says something else. I am not sure I understand correctly. Does he say that we can stay with him? O no no, we have a place to stay, here on the beach, in our tent. He draws a map on the sand. He lives in a village close by. We can stay with him for the night he says. “No problem. Free bed, food and steam house. Come!”
Oh Feodor… what can we say? I talk with Andreea. We were planning to stay here for the night. But wasn’t this trip about people? Then should we refuse an invitation which seems honest? we will have other days when we will camp alone. Today, let’s meet a Russian living in Alaska. We will come!
Our new friend has to go ahead to solve some business and we remain for a while to visit Homer on fast forward as we only had half an hour to do it. Then we follow the map that Feodor scheched on the sand (in the mean time also copied on a notebook page) and manage to find his place.
His house is invaded by flowers.
And the hole village is invaded by the sunset light.
We fell asleep with stories about Russians, beautiful women, dozens of kids and passionate breakups. We feel we are just a few hundred miles to the West, across the Barents Sea.
Spasiba gaspadin Feodor.
Written from a very wet place, surrounded by rain.
Next time we will find out how we are adapting to city life for a few days. Stay tuned!
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