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Day 5 –Wednesday, July 25, 2012 –Camelot! Ut to Green River, UT

Ahh, sleeping on grass - probably my favorite surface to camp on. As rested and clean as we would be for the next few days, we head out with an earlyish start. We follow the same canyon where Camelot was located in, and the scenery continues to be awe inspiring.

Beautiful Canyon Country

After a bit we get to Argyle Canyon which opens up a bit, and we put the gas on. Somehow I catch the other guys off guard and run in the front putting on as much speed as I felt comfortable with. It’s nice to run fast on deserted roads first thing in the morning. However, soon I don’t see the guys in my mirrors, and even at my speed, that’s rare. I pull over and wait a bit, but after a couple minutes I turn around and head back to see what’s up. I come upon a small garage sale, with Jessie sitting on a berm and John checking out his bike. I see some parts that normally are attached to Jessie’s bike laying around it instead. Turns out he was jumping off some rain diverters right below the series of cattle guards we passing through. One of them caught him with a tighter turn right after the cattle guard. It’s hard to turn when your tires aren’t on the ground.

Jessie Goes Boom

John lending a hand while…

Jessie takes pictures.

Out came the zip ties, duct tape, rubber bands and maybe even some epoxy. Few small spots of road rash where his clothes rode up and a few scratches was the extent of his personal damage. MX gear and armor saved him from injury.

Eventually we make it to Wellington, and got gas and fuel (Subway). We topped off our Camelbacks the best we could in the bathroom sink, but should have taken on more water now that we were entering the desert.

Conditions Worsen

The ride south of Wellington found us in the hot and dry desert. After Buckhorn Reservoir (no water) the going starts to get pretty tough. There is some loose sandy washes to cross and get’s a bit more technical. Eventually the ride follows along an old railroad grade, but it crawls off this grade where it has washed away and gets more technical.

The WR feels right at home

Diggin the desert

Creepy Rocks, they look like people up there

Beware the weird lizard rock

Big Skys and Awesome Scenery

Not sure what this is, some sort of storage I guess

The Railroad Grade

By this point we figure we are using more water than we planned and so there will be no camping out here unless we find water. So I find a nice shady spot and decide that we might as well take a break and enjoy a cold beverage that we were saving for camp to help us hydrate, and look at our options. Green River looks like a good goal as it has a Campground in town. Back on the bikes we spread out quite a bit and after a long haul make it to Green River pretty tired and burnt. Dinner is Arbys and 3.2% beer. Jessie and John go for a swim while I opt for a shower instead. This was probably the hardest day so far and just the beginning of the desert. Our humid Oregon heritage was showing.

Not a lot of trees out here

Next up - we thought today was HOT...
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