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Day 6 (11/8/12): ~210km – Total 1160km

After my little « escapade » from the night, I woke up ready to race and was glad to be back on the bike. The weather was great and I rode the whole morning through woods. I looked at my watch and it was lunch time. I was searching for a nice spot to have my china noodles and found it a bit further. What you see is a “artistic place” next to a gas station. You give them a picture of something and they make a wooden statue out of it. Since the woodsmen were out of sight (think they were having their own lunch) I took the liberty to cook some nice noodles with some dried meat. It's not much but like my dad used to say, when you're out camping every meal is a god sent.

Anyway I got back on my bike and about 3pm I arrived at Dresden. I was looking for the Camping place I found on the internet to unload my bike.
When I got there a biker told me that the reception is closed for the afternoon but that they'll be back in about 2 hours. I looked at him and asked him what he was waiting for... “for the reception to open up”... yeah no that was not in my plans. I took my bike and searched a nice spot to build up my tent and to leave my stuff in it. Found it. Done it. I headed back to Dresden to visit it. I'm sure the receptionist won't through it all out because I didn't check in. I passed the biker, smiled at him and went to Dresden, searching for the place where I'll be rocking the next day.

Dresden is a very nice city. Even if it was destroyed during WWII they build it up nicely. Too bad that I had no time visiting the museums but I'm sure, since my Grandparents wants to go back there again with me, that I'll have time for that later (even though it won't be on a motorcycle :o().

In the city I saw a lot of die ärzte fans with their t-shirts. Since there was a concert that night too, I smelled that the spot couldn't be far away. Soon enough I found out that I was right (again). I reached a “big ass mega (I think) museum” and on the other river side I saw something that looked like a riot, fair enough it was the place where I would rock the next day.
I went to the other river side and saw that the place where the band would be playing was in sight from the outside. Would it be possible that I'd be able to see them twice? Oh dear lord please!

I went back to the camping to get into some lighter cloth and saw when I got back on the bike that I had a dark oily liquid next to my rear fender... Oh comon! I don't want this road trip to find an early end! I tightened them a bit more and decided to wait and see. When I'm looking back at that decision I think that I didn't think enough about it. I mean 2 days later I was in Czech Republic where no-one would speak my language and I wouldn't have the right form of cash... Anyway I made it.

I got back to the place and rocked my arse off that night and slept well until 3 o clock in the morning. It was COOOLD. I took my 15°C sleeping back and thought it would be enough... I mean last year it was and anyway, it's supposed to be summer! I put on some more cloth and got back to sleep.... Tomorrow would be an even bigger day!

Pics of the day:

Here is the woodplace I mentionned. I like the work they do! Looks even better with a GS next to it.

Here is some work they were working on. the picture of the dog was right next to it

Lunch for one... Everything you cook under some real fire in nature tastes delicious!

The crowd was waiting to rumble! On the other side was the same amount of fans waiting!

The beginning of the end? Would be a good "excuse" to change the read fender...

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