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Day 6: 6/27/12 continued
Salina, UT to Green River, UT back to Salina 249 miles

After Black Dragon, we make our way towards Swasey Cabin.
(just so you know, I wanted the Patrick Swayze/Chris Farley chippendales dancing for that link, but couldn't find a good one).
just this really lame one

Didn’t walk out to the cabin this time (I didn't, apparently Matt did)
Just used the facilities. (and missed matt's walk)

Signed the guest book.
I flipped through the pages and didn’t see any TAT notes.
Or ADV sigs.
where is everyone?

Eagle Canyon.

Some screen captures. I never think to take photos for this section.
The colors are a little off, but I’m too tired to fix them.

Same recipe as Black Dragon - rocks and sand.
But less red (more yellow) and with more flow.

Jug Handle Arch

Starting to see the bridges!

Here they are - the I-70 bridges.

Looking back the way we came.
This section was super smooth and nice this year.
There was a defined trail and everything!

That’s the part we saw from the highway.

We stopped under the bridges and took a break. It seemed like a good place for lunch (shade).

The sandwich got a little mushed in the tank bag, but tasted okay.
roast beef with veggies.

So, did you guys hear?
I left a safety cone down there!

Look in these trees.

He’s zip-tied to a branch.
If no one rescues him this year, I hope he’ll survive until next summer.
I doubt that plastic bag is going to hold up.


Bye, little cone!

If you find him, or see that someone else has, let me know!

The wash got a little rockier once we got past the bridges.
But it seemed less crazy than it was in 2010 (that was a bad year for flooding).

Here’s a couple more screen captures for the folks who don’t or can’t watch the videos.
I thought this step looked nice.

And then you gotta have pics of the square tunnels.
The video goes from the bridges, out of the wash, and up to the tunnels.

It was an awesome ride. Just dreamy.
Okay, here it is - sand, rocks, and some nice flow.
(try it in HD)

Our intercoms were still jacked up, so I had to yell in order for matt to hear me.

Just for fun, you can compare it to the video from 2010.
(same bike, same section. But, handheld video and we have all our camping gear!)
Matt and I watched the 2 side by was pretty wild.
You have to pause the new video around 1:55 or so, then start the old 2010 video.
Un-pause when the 2010 video catches up.

Oh, by the way - I had a couple requests from nice people who wanted me to make our videos public so they’re easier to find.
OK. it feels weird to have them out there, floating around on youtube
(as opposed to available only through these ride reports)...we’ll see how it goes.

I didn’t do all of them, but there are about 18 old ones and the 2 new ones right now.
Anyway, thanks for asking. It's great that someone wants to see them!

next on the menu - Devil's Canyon and Cat Canyon.
Make sand your favorite!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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