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Originally Posted by GZERO View Post
It seems pretty good, those numbers are very good.
Remember that the stock stator doesn't put that much out (450 watts).
I would leave it as it is, make sure the batery is charged and that's it.
Well, interestingly, pulling the ABS fuse didn't lead to any conclusive results.
At first, it helped. I didn't have the .5V drops. Then, they started to appear, seemingly randomly.

I haven't had the bike in the garage to check voltage with the multimeter in a few days (trying to use the damn thing as a commuter) but letting it sit outside has definitely resulted in a weakening battery. Went from a quick turn over, to a bit of a struggle in two days.

I feel a lot of it can be the city riding I do around here.
It's one thing when I'm on a road trip and the bike is running for hours at a time, but NYC is a little different. Lots of stop and go, and that fan is ALWAYS on. It doesn't really give the battery much of a chance to charge I suppose.

And I'd let it go if it weren't for this, but I am chasing the best performance possible. Getting stranded in the city is EXPENSIVE.

I'll admit though, maybe I a digging too far into this, but part of this quest is to learn more about my electrical system and the finer details to be prepared for having the bike permanently on the road coming this winter. (Planning to ride, throw it in storage, fly home for work, fly back, keep going etc.) I feel I'm going to need to add a second fan for this, since I'm heading south, and I want to make sure it's going to work fine. It comes scary close to overheating in the city here during the summer! Already has on me on a few occasions.

I'll be headed to the garage tomorrow morning to check the batteries resting voltage.

In the meantime, I wanted to figure out what the actual load is on the bike under normal conditions.
Here's what I calculated, all at 12V of course:

License Plate Light - 0.8333A - 10W
Brake Light - 1.75A - 21W
Running Lights - 0.4167A - 5W
Headlight (Low) - 4.5833A - 55W
Fan (Max A rating) - 4A - 48W
GPS (Assumed) - 2A - 24W

So, we're looking at somewhere around 163W of usage.
Not including the load of the ECU, ABS system, and what else is there? Dash lights..

The stator is rated @ 450W, 27.5A @ 12V. But that's at 6000 RPM.
I'll test to see what it puts out W wise at 1500 RPM.

I suppose the one other factor I really need to learn about is resistance though, and how that factors into the equation.
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