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Today motivation woke me up. I headed down to the next store and bought some milk, müsli for breakfast and then some nice sausages with vegetables for lunch. I thought it would be a nice moment to inform the receptionist that I already slept a night in their camping... oops... did I forget? I told them a story about how late I arrived and that I was a french dude with only some little knowledge in german. I really do a nice fake french accent!
Anyway I headed back to my tent to have my breakfast when I suddenly heard a woman complain. Nothing special you would say... but she was starting an argue with her husband... again nothing special... but they were french and had some gray hair and as I said before, motivation woke me up that morning. The man had problems fixing his bicycle. “If you don't know how to do it, don't touch it!”... Ah women, always the right words to cheer you up! I took my leatherman and proposed my help. After some dirty minutes I fixed the bike and we got into a chat.
They were retired and decided to do some trips on their bikes. They had the same destination as me: Prague but they'd have 2 days more to ride. They told me about a convention that would take place in September with some globetrotters telling their stories and showing their pictures on big screen.

I liked their spirit “I don't need money to ride a mountain bike and I don't pollute the nature”. We agreed that cars sucked and had a coffee together. I told them about my trip and made some advertising about ADVrider :o). I took a picture of them and gave them my e-mail address and told them to write me as soon as they had finished their journey.

After that conversation I looked at my watch and it was nearly time to leave. I ate a sausage and decided to do some washing. Here is some advice if you have aluminum panniers and you are in a camping where the showers aren't for free(!). Go next to the washing room and take the hot water from there and fill up the top of your box. Go back to the shower cabin and wash yourself. Really I don't see why showers aren't for free! First time I see that, even for a cold one you have to pay. They ask 1€ for 5 minutes! I took my times and washed my dirty clothes too.

Soon I was ready to jump on my bike to head to the concert place. I didn't want to be the last guy in line and since I already did 3 of their concerts I knew that if I wasn't there at 2pm, I would be one of the last people in line.

When I got there some people already sat on the ground waiting like me 7pm to start. I met a nice couple: Frank and Simona. They had 2 kids and took their day off to see die ärzte. This guy was amazing, he taught me a valuable lesson for life. Always take a newspaper with you. We had to wait for 4 hours and I was glad to have some of his articles. He took some great videos of the concert, I'll post a link later.
The concert itself was breathtaking. Best one in my 7 year "career". The for-band was really really strange but in a good way. Bonaparte, look it up. It's like 20 artists, 5 of them playing tunes and the rest are acting on scene. We were lucky to have them since the day before Bonaparte were on a festival and there was no pre-band.
At the end I bought the mp3 stick of the concert and headed back “home”.

The next day would be Prague... wow I'm excited to drive in that country!

Pics of the day:

A very nice couple, I hope to hear from them.

I think ADV isn't ready to see me naked yet so let's start with a nice shower place... leave the rest to imagination :o)

I hate paying for stuff... especially for showers!

Ah... laundry day :o) I looooove those boxes!

Newspaper on a concert: Great idea isn't it?!

Here is the link to Bonaparte: Y'ou'll be able to see Simona then me (at 23sec :o)

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