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Originally Posted by xplodee View Post

You're borderline trolling this thread. I may be newbie here but I am blown away that you care so much about some guy's post comparing two bikes that you really shouldn't care too much about since you're such an expert rider. Oh, and since you are such an expert rider, how come you're pussying around on 250's on the street? I mean, a 250 on the dirt is one thing, but a ninja 250 on the street? Come on... that's the sportbike equivalent of riding around on a 90cc kids dirt bike.

Uh oh, I'm afraid I might have started something with someone. Do us a favor and since you don't care for either of these bikes, leave those of us who do alone.

Maybe one day I'll be as hardcore a rider as you and I'll buy something better and ride it "brutally hard" for real, which apparently means I'll have to do more oil changes. Ugh, give me a break!
Well said! @navin- ...Why piss on everyones parade if you hate them so much? Go pound sand with your big boy bike!
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