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@ Navin... this thread is not about KTM. Pleas take your comments else where! You have brought nothing but negative comments and have not contributing anything worth posting. If you don't care for these machines since they are not up to your standards then please keep your comments to yourself. Why not just let the people who ARE interested in knowing what the bikes are capable of have this thread.

You have just been talking crap!

"serious machine"-Navin ...."sounds like orange envy?"-Navin

...No! we just want to hear about what these two little bikes can do. You said the WRR is not up to your standards and riding style, then let it be and go find something that will. The guy bought two bikes for more than one KTM because he wanted to try both bikes. That was his choice and he said he didnt need an expensive KTM to have fun, so let it be! Some of us would like to hear what the man has to say, and not have a bunch of static from thugs like you.

The guy know how to ride and should not have to prove himself for you, I currently ride a 78 xl125 and I could tell you 10 reasons why its better than your KTM, but that is not what this thread is about and I am not going to go to the KTM thread to tell you about them because you would be ticked off that I am pissing on your thread!
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