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Originally Posted by Hondo View Post
Overall rideability & throttle response seems about the same, maybe peppier on the low end.

The sound is great with the insert installed- haven't tried it with it removed.

Getting old at 30?

This 50 year old loves the sound and get's a great, big hooligan smile when I roll on the throttle- it's great IMO!
lol, i know that, but the thing is as an enduro rider i've come to hate loud exhaust, because it's useless.
i also burned that phase (loud cars, loud bikes) so i have come to terms in this.
Come one! tell you you can stand the 2 akras without the baffle on a 5 day trip? if you say yes you have to be lying.

Need some parts? shoot me up an mail and i'll quote it to you.
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