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Shit dude!

Glad you got to visit Steamboat Springs .................. too bad it was mostly at our hospital.

That sucks majorly bad.

At least, if you are going to bust your ass ....... might as well do it near a ski area. They usually have great orthopaedics in ski towns.

So they didn't reattach it? I had my right one reattached several years ago ( I always wondered why I threw a baseball like a 10 year old girl! ) and they told me that they reattach it with one large "lock stitch" what ever the hell that is. So, it was basically a warning to take the rehab and PT VERY seriously. My doc said if I tore it loose again, that the chances were not very good to ever get it to hold properly.

Sorry that cut your trip short. Get in touch when you come out to try again. And yeah, those GSAs are real pigs ....... I ride (wrestle) one too.

BTW, I grew up across the river from you. Outside of Osceola, AR in Mississippi County.

Let the healing begin!

Good luck! Rob
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