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The day before disaster...

The day before my stator fried, I was out in the bush, about 20 clicks in....Man am I lucky! I saw a lot of wildlife that day. Some whimsical force keeps me from having mechanicals in the bush....

A grouse and chicks. She had about 4 of them. Looks like good eating to me!


I stopped by a place that I think was called Pete's Pond. Didn't have the map that day. This little guy hopped up beside me. He was real good for the camera!




This is the second time I have had this happen. I come up to a Doe and fawn, and Mom darts into the bush while the fawn plays dead! Is the doe saying "Chase me"? I'm not sure I understand this defense strategy.


Not too often you see Macmillan Bloedell signs anymore. They used to be a huge company on the island. Locally owned too.


Stopped by an old favorite! Not sure if there's any fish anymore....

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