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hey killurtv, bigdon, and redog1!

guten tag, motorradrudi! willkommen...

howdy pink pillion (glad the otama is working!!), Alleycatdad, cdndog, and Hotmamaandme (cory!)

hi bob and dave62538675309!
Glad you guys liked the vids!

Originally Posted by dustyrider View Post
It looked a lot easier (not easy) in the video this year. Pretty good that you did the 2010 version hanging on with one hand. More!

Hey dustyrider,
yeah, it's funny - I thought the trail was really torn up this year...until we watched the 2010 video.
But I think the handheld video is lower (not on top of matt's head) so the rock steps and stuff are closer.
There were plenty of big rock steps this year that we didn't remember.
Maybe different parts of the trail were eroded this time?

That's what's so great about sand/rocks/dirt - the trails are different every year!

Originally Posted by mrprez View Post
Wow, LW was busy today! As usual, great report and many fine photos. We are heading out that way next week, can't wait! I really enjoyed those videos in HD. I sat real close to the screen so I could really get a good experience. A couple of times I had to jump back as I thought we were going off the cliff!
haha, matt and I were just talking about that - how the angle of the camera makes it feel like you're really there,
especially if you get really close. Fun! Hope it prepares you for your upcoming TAT trip
Let us know how it goes.

Originally Posted by cap'n underpants View Post
Was a big bike, *boy.
Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Is that a new design for the cones? Easier to make? Cheater cones.

That's an awfully big bike for Cap'n Backflip.
Yay! cap'n underpants!
glad you finally braved the computer to sign in and say hi. I fixed that quote for you.
Isn't it fun to see all the photos and feel like you're riding the trail again?
Movie Night was a hit!

psssst. RedRockRider, the name explanation is back on post#25
Click on those links, you guys!

that reminds me, I added one to the bathing-in-the-reservoir-post...
for cap'n underpants, sans underpants.

I'm having some trouble uploading my screen captures, not sure what's going on...
But, check back in the (late) morning. Hopefully I'll get them all taken care of by then.

The next videos are pretty good, too -
you're going to see something special that you don't normally see in our reports...

Hasta maņana

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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