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This should answer some of the questions:

Day 2 - Mendocino
The day started simple enough. We woke up early in hopes of getting an early start. I had mapped things out so we'd have breakfast somewhere along the way. With bags all ready, we mounted them up and started the bikes. And that's where the fun began. As Stephanie was getting her helmet and gloves on I started her bike for her. Nothing. I look at the dash and it reads "0000 PRO". Through my amazing powers of deduction I figured this was something that WD-40 wouldn't fix. I took the key out and tried it again and again, nothing. Same error code. Not good. Times like these are when you realize just how great these forums are. We looked it up and found the fix. Apparently I had moved one of the other switches enough to where, when having that depressed and starting the bike at the same time out it in a programming mode. Finally the display read as normal and the bike started. I start to walk towards my SF and I hear something fall behind me. My phone (see previous pic of severed iPhone). Stephanie picks it up and as I walk towards her she's waving me off saying "don't even look!!". The phone as you saw was toast. It still worked, but there were shards of glass coming off the screen. Honestly though I figured, f#% it!! I'm not going to let that ruin my trip. But at the same time I was thinking, "wtf??". Then, as if out of a dream and not 30 seconds after I started my SF, this lady comes out of her house that is maybe 3 doors down from the Inn where we're staying. With a straight face (and apparently the balls to match) she says that my motorcycle woke her up (she actually said it woke "everybody up") and wondered if I could shut it off. I stopped and looked around. I swear I thought I was in another dimension....."you mean to tell me, you woke up, got dressed and came over here THAT fast???". Look, I'm as nice a guy as anyone, but at that moment it didn't matter that my iPhone screen had just shattered into a million pieces. Had it not, there's a high probability that the screen might have somehow been smashed when it flew at this yo-yo's head anyway. I figure I did her a favor. It's a weekday at 10:00 AM. She should be up doing something productive anyway!!

We had to stop for gas in Fort Brag and from there we started calling around to see if there was an iPhone repair shop or person along the way. We found a few but all had voicemail. We left messages hand headed out.
I forgot to mention that it was a foggy morning along the coast. HWY1 winds down through some wooded areas a little further inland and there the weather couldn't have been better. We got a bit of construction traffic but that cleared up just in time to meet up with a group of 6 harley's that, had they been going any slower they'd be going backwards. We eventually were able to pass them and got some really good riding in.

Our first stop was in Garberville, about 75 miles or so from Mendocino. The events of the morning had made it so that we were now having lunch instead of breakfast. We stopped at the Woodrose Cafe. Great place with again, that throwback feel of an old time diner. Cash only!! I had looked the place up on yelp, it had good reviews and the place lived up to it. Seemed like all locals in there. The service was great and the waitress couldn't have been nicer. Only drawback was the older gentlemen that talked my ear off about how he lives off the grid in the woods and he's thinking of buying the place. We told the waitress about it and she laughed it off. She told another waitress walking by that this person, whose name I can't remember, said he wanted to buy the restaurant. Guess this sort of thing from him is nothing new to them because they both shared a good laugh at it.

Before we headed out I spoke to an iPhone repair tech that called us back. He said he could do it so I left off with him that I would call him when we were getting closer to his town, Arcata, which is just past Crescent City.

Back to the riding. I can honestly say that I'm happiest when Stephanie and I are out riding. When your on the bike you really think of nothing else. At least for me. I know I'm lucky to have someone like her to ride with. It obviously gives me a lot more riding than if I was with someone that wasn't into it. The riding today was no exception. Our next stop along the way was this place that we had heard of called Clendenens. It's an apple and fruit farm that has been around for 100 years. Unfortunately they were closed and wouldn't reopen for the season for at least another few weeks.

Next up...... The Avenue Of Giants. This road the parallels HWY 1 and has long sweeping roads that wind through a redwood forest. Like this:

After making our way through some more construction stops we stopped for gas again in Eureka. While we were there we checked in with the iPhone tech to let him know we were close-by. He also NOW asked me what phone I had. When I told him a 4s he said he might not have the screen for that. After a few phone calls back and forth he was able to get one. Only problem is that I had to pick it up from a friend of his along the way. I agreed and asked him to meet us at a Mexican place called "hey Juan" in Arcata so he could fix it while I grabbed some lunch. After all, the guy was charging me $125 to fix it so I was going to at least make the most of the time.

So to finalize things since its late as crap are some other pics of what we saw on our way to Crescent City, which as the waiter at the restaurant we ate at told us, is home of pelican bay prison. The prison houses the worst of the worst and has roughly 3,400 inmates and 1,500 guards. The other things before I end this post is about the air conditioning. It was broken and at 12:30 that night they had to send the tech to come fix it, which he wasn't able to do. Again, hopefully getting all the kinks out early in the trip. The place we're in now has no such problems....unless you count the homeless guy downstairs that is wailing away like a crying baby. I have a sound lip of it which I'll try and post. It's actually pretty hilarious!!

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