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I'll have to mention I was miserable all day Sunday. We went out on Sat. night and once again, things got a little bit out of hand. Tons of fun, but when amount of alcohol consumed is inversely proportional to the amount of sleep you get, the next day is never pleasant.

But first, it started with me arriving downtown to find Pokemons and Sorcerers wandering around. The cab driver told me it was Game Con, so with time to spare, I wandered into the convention center to find geeks from all over America coming together to celebrate an uncontrollable, incessant passion that cannot be repressed regardless of how much it repulse members of the opposite sex.

And then I was reminded of Junior High and felt a little bit of sympathy.

(Hell, out of desperation I had figured out how to both play D&D AND be a Dungeon Master at the same time when I was a young, so who was I to cast stones).

Then again, I was around 11 at the time when I fantasized about slaying Dopplegangers and Gargoyles, so cast the first stone I will! Though I give them respect for engaging in something they love, despite societies view of it, most of them have one small problem. Now, there’s a lot of ways to characterize our criticism and there’s even more ways to analyze just why it is we can make fun of them with a good conscience. But to me, it’s the comparison between who they ‘really’ are and what they’re ‘pretending’ to be. You’ve got guys who probably couldn’t walk up 2 flights of stairs or jump more than a foot in the air dressed up as a Samurai. It just looks ridiculous--and more importantly, they seemed to have skipped the "Training and Discipline" chapter in the Samurai handbook and went straight for the "Fashion Ensemble and Accouterments" one. I mean, kids dressed up as Ninjas or superheroes is funny in a cute way, but when grown, overweight, out of shape guys do it it only emphasizes just how far they are from being who they want to be. And that’s sad. Now--I’ve got no problem with someone wanting to be a Ninja, but at the very least, do some push-ups, take an acrobatics course or simply ease up on the Pepperoni slices.

(Notice in the picture above that's a Darth Maul like light saber staff. Will his mom let him play with it in the garage while he video tapes himself, ya think?)

And as I'm trying to understand the foundations and motivations for all of this behavior, I wander out onto the street....and then the idea that has expressed itself unabashedly inside of the convention center becomes a prescription for spectacles that illuminate this same behavior expressed nearly everywhere.....
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