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Finally a break

Well, here we go. Scott is rockin' on this report and here I am salivating for more and I was there. For christ sake get moving.

The first few days are a blur for me. With mormon country the liquor store is the only place to purchase boos of proper quality or quantity. So we opted for hard instead of soft. This led to some interesting mornings for sure. Scott and Jesse are great companions and this trip was a real treat for me. The country was amazing and yes the 4 am wake up calls led to some wonderful sunrises. Missed a few sunsets though. I haven't traveled much of this part of the country so a lot of scenery was new to me. As a newbie my camera taking was a little shy of "dumbass why didn't you take a pic there". A talk a lot in my helmet and didn't realize it until I watched the videos from the go pro I will load here. Lot's of yee ha's and holy shits that was sweet. So make all the fun you want of my screaming and yelling at the grass and trees we pass.

First evening arrival

Yah we made it to Pocatello. I have to admit I didn't drive a lick and enjoyed the slumber in the back seat quite nicely. Sorry boys....

First thing out first fill up first problem. Jesse leaves his wallet on the little concrete post at the gas pump. Christ!!! Scott and I waiting for him to return from the 2 hour ride back to investigate the disappearance. Now Jesse is a wonderful companion and works like a horse, but maybe at 22 a little green under the collar. Maybe when he loses it a few more times like us older boys, he'll do the double and triple check prior to leaving the station. It turned out to not be a problem at all for the trip though. Scott and I were prepared to help, so no worries. And Jesse does have a smattering of street smarts. He did split up his money between wallet and bike. We'd both do anything for Jesse, as he is a rockin partner to have by your side, and I wouldn't put it past him to jump in front of a bus to save our asses any day. Or come save us from the depths of a canyon on his wee 250itty. Dropping from a 650 to the 250 seemed like strange choice to me, but don't underestimate Jesse he is a very advanced rider. A pic for young ladies, he is single you know.......

And heading into the Coast Guard very soon.

A little show of force from the 250. Sorry bout the length my editing skills are minimal at this stage with my new hero.

With these videos I will try and indicate the time sections that are what I consider a little more fun to watch. Videos are meant to be interesting and some of mine got away from me.

Start at 1:00 minute for best viewing interest.

A few photos from the first few days. As much as I tried I could not slow down for much of the trip, so some of the photos may be self taken. Scott is much better at breaking for a good photo op. Me on the other hand, well, I'm kinda of a throttle on or throttle off sort of rider. When in doubt ya know........ I also find that at 12000 feet the DR doesn't run quite as fast as she does at sea level. No complaints though, she rocked the entire length of the trip and as of today at 74464 miles on her has never left me stranded. And still wheelies at 35 mph with little effort.

Self portrait as said..... I think I was a few miles in front of the boys, but they soon catch the big bike....

Our first in the woods camp spot. Scott tries to tuck in the trees as we crossed a small stream with a sign that said stay on road...

Little boy wonder flying up the road..................


YES I SMOKE! A little later when we camp at 12500 ft it will take it's toll on my rest.

Here comes Scott.......


Yes I do have a wee one,

but Jesses' is smaller, at least that's what she said...........

More too come........................................

DR650 Maintenance schedule according to ass river to follow........ I would love to show a flow of change, but to lazy to look for pics from 2009 till now. Sorry, here's how it went. For those interested.....

March 2009 purchased a new XT250, 3 months later came the purchase of a brand spanking new 2009 DR650SE. This is where I begin an adventure of the most amazing bike I will ever own. The XT sits from then on and the DR gets some farkling. In the end I think the farkles have out priced the cost of the bike. That's OK though, my next bike is guess what! Another DR. Hee Hee

So fast forward 3 years and we have a very expensive 2009 DR650SE with 74464 miles on the odo. Now bear in mind these are my first bikes and I don't know jack shit about maintenance... so in this time frame we have had 8 oil changes, 22 rear tires and 12 front tires. I have done absolutely nothing recommended by the Dr650 folks on the Dr650 thread. Never had a gasket changed and only had one mishap with rear wheel bearings. Actually cush hub bearings, but replaced all rear wheel bearings at the time. Had to purchase a new cush drive as well. I know it's a lot of tires, but if you ride with me you'll understand. I've replaced the chain once, had the shocks replaced with something better than the total shit that comes with the bike. This was done when I replaced the chain and noticed it had rubbed a .5 inch gap in the swing arm. Still to date probably need to have that swing arm fixed. 40000 miles later though and no problems with it. And the chain could probably last another 10k I figure. I put in a little fuel filter in line. Does that count as maintenance? Well, that's it. I did the 8th oil change after this trip and did notice a lot of fine metal powder in the oil. Oh well, probably normal. I expect to get 100000 prior to the next one.

Now comes my opinion on maintenance. This has no real experience in it, except what has happened to me on my DR. I feel people are wrenching too much on their bikes. Put gas in it, turn the key on hit the start button on hold on. Well, hold on once you replace the carb and exhaust. Replace the tires as needed, for me every 2 weeks in the summer. Change the oil when you can't see the shiny metal at the back of the oil window. That's it. Leave the rest to chance...........And wear sunscreen! Everybody's free! Or so it goes.


MORE TO COME, back to 10 hour days to catch up.......

Ride it!

Staring straight into the shining sun....

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Our OBDR Trip
Our UTBDR Trip

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