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Day 6: 6/27/12 continued
Salina, UT to Green River, UT to Salina 249 miles

So, to refresh everyoneís memories...
when we left off, BigWan and I were emerging from the square tunnels...

After Eagle Canyon, it was time for the dreaded Cat Canyon.
Iíve only seen but a handful of photos from this canyon,
and I donít recall any video (larryboy? )
In 2010 it was raining when we got to the Cat Canyon turnoff,
and all the canyons had been flooded only a day or 2 earlier.

We knew (from experience ) that the trail between Cat Canyon
and Salina turns to slick, nasty mud when it rains,
so in 2010 we reluctantly skipped this next section.

Now it was time to get it on video.

In 2009, we were navigating solely by TAT roll chart.
This time, we had tracks and a real GPS.
We still got lost.
Nothing looked familiar and the tracks were confusing.
Not the first time this has happened (or the last),
but we spent some time riding around, trying to figure out where we were.

We really notice that Delorme maps donít always match up with Garmin maps.
Sometimes weíll swear that weíre on the trail,
yet Norm shows us as being next to the actual road.
Sometimes thereís another road, sometimes there isnít.

Anyway, this is what we were looking for -
Devilís Canyon would lead us to Cat Canyon.

Some screen shots, for those who canít or donít look at video...

Some deep sand.
We got bogged down in this stuff, but it was only a little warmup for Cat Canyon...

There are some nice rock steps in this section...

And more sand.
The scenery is pretty neat, too.

Though itís hard to enjoy when you're just trying to stay upright...

Lots of rocky drop offs...

This was a big Ďun. It caught matt by surprise.
In the video, you can hear him say, ďoh boy...Ē

And then he grunts.
We had launched off quite a ledge...
Stupid GoPro flattens everything out.

Oh well.

Things are starting to look familiar...

So, this post is all about the video.
Itís the only way to fully appreciate the deep sand.
Hearing the engine working,
Seeing BigWan wrestle with the handlebars...

Also, we had a silly get off while we were lost and looking around.
Not that itís rare (especially on this trip ),
but this is the first time weíve caught it on video!
All 3 of us on the ground at once.

Going slow is so dangerous!

Matt was worried that I got hurt, but I think I was just fixing the buckle on my boot,
or cleaning the camera.
I donít even bother dusting myself off (KLIM, baby! ).

I wish these things would automatically load in HD.
itís nice to see the sand.

This part of the trail was super fun.
All those steps, etc...
I love it when the road comes at us like some crazy video game...

sigh. I had some good ideas for linkies, but all the best stuff gets deleted.
stupid youtube and copyrights

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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