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So moving on to some of the days following the first few mishaps. This country is beyond imagination and should be experienced. My hats off to the GPS track makers for this UTBDR. Make a point in the "life of your riding" to do this route. No matter where your from the beauty will blow your mind. And stop a few times more than I did. Memories fade to quickly and pics bring them back. A few words about our glorious route identifier Scott. Scott as I understand has not been riding too long. It did not show on this trip. Only one drop I believe (or that he told us about) and almost every alternate route on the map he was willing to give a try. Jesse and I are a little more "what's the worst that can happen"? Scott led us much of the way and we turned around only once. This turn around was while I was leading of course. There was just no way across that 100 foot gap without a block and tackle system, although Jesse wanted to try. Hats off to you also Scott. And thanks for the use of the truck and trailer. We would blown 2 days each way getting to and fro on the bikes.

So...... on to the memory jogger mode, and the more interesting than my crappy writing part of this thread.


Stay on the road or be shot is the theme in a lot of areas. Happy to abide though as long as we get to ride thru....

There was a lot of this......

I should mention here that I did study de-watering a DR650 prior to the OBDR last year, so the submersion of the DR at one of the water crossing didn't have me too worried. First time it has been killed that way though. I was a little more worried about how I alone was going to get the bike out of the water. Muffler filled with water, airbox full, and me sitting in water up to my mid section.

Absolute joy to have happen! Why you ask? Guess who crossed first and was getting off his bike, Jesse. No worries now here he comes to help. Jumped right in and pulled me out. Like I said "right in front of a bus for you anytime....."

Don't go to the right here

Moving on to the very very heavy rain storm at camp.... Scott is the only one with a tent you can sit up in at this time. So Jesse and I stuck it out as long as we could...

It did stop raining after a bit though.

Take special notice of the large warm fire, brought to you courtesy of your friendly neighborhood travel trailer folks. I approached a camper when the rain started and asked if they had a piece of dry newspaper I could have. Remember the DR has been almost completely under water by this time. So a lot of wet gear to dry out.
The response from the camper was you don't start a fire in the rain with newspaper. He and his partner broke from their dinner with a large group of campers and jumped into action. We had already collected some fire wood and were preparing to use the jetboil to start the fire. "Oh no" they said and followed me back to our camp with 2 gallons of white gas. Well, F'n Eh if that aint a linkweewee way of doing things.

Scott did come out of his tent when this happened.

And then there was this............

Now Scott has mentioned that I have a favorite time of the day. Morning, really really early morning. These are why! Self portrait here.

Early morning!

While I love the group riding aspect of motorcycling, once the helmet goes on it's just you and your thoughts. Probably why I love Scuba diving also. No phones ringing, no texts, nobody, but you. Hence the early morning wake up calls. Just me-build the fire get some coffee going watch the wildlife that only comes out when it's just prior to light. And there was a ton of it. We'll get into that later. One piece of advice about the wildlife for those that haven't seen a bear on their bike yet. If you jump off your bike to follow a bear over a cliff to get a picture. And it just crossed the road. Make sure it is a full grown bear. Jesse and I did just this and looked and looked for the bear over the cliff. So I threw a rock where I thought it was. 20 feet from us pops up a very small head, Jesse yells RUN!!! And so I proceed to shove him behind me and run for the bikes. Alas, momma was not right behind us on the road. Thank god I can still think fast. As I ran for the road I thought to myself "If that momma bear is right behind us" I will certainly have to trip Jesse and run like hell.

Ok' Enough of the "what I would do if I was being chased by a bear and had a good friend close to me..."

We move up and it cools off.

We put on more gear.

Where is scott, which way man..last nights rain left for some interesting road conditions up here. I believe this is where scott rolled up and said I slipped.

Ok, At exactly 40 seconds you see what riding with someone for a long time does. Jesse comes to a stop and wonders which way to go. watch my helmet. No words needed. perfect! I love when your riding partners need no verbal instructions.


Then we roll into this.............mind blowing I tell ya.

It was kinda like opening a door all the sudden. The landscape changed and you were in a different world. Or on a different planet.


Probably my favorite video. We tried to dry camp, but the allure of a shower and shiiter was too much. So we pulled into here


No tent needed for this campground. Perfect.....
Jesse and I do laundry

Scott hops in the shower. Then Jesse and I tell Scott we are heading up to the top of that spire there. Take our pics when we get up there. Cool he says.

Amazing up here.....

Nothing like getting your pic taken while your taking a pic. Blurry, but you get the point.

Scott gives the signal and we relax for a great evening. Sleeping under the stars is another one of those have to do things.

This happens....

We settle down and Jesse has to fix something. Nothing new here

Man she is running good for this altitude. I did not bring extra jets to change out and was very lucky she kept running.

The next day leads to this.......

Scott realigns Jesses rear end.

Even after scott rear end adjustment Jesse is still a little crooked.

Hope this isn't to personal to show Jesse. If I hadn't been right behind you when you decided that the oncoming cattle guard would be perfect to bunny hop a jump out of, I wouldn't have posted these. I will admit when I saw the bike go end over end and Jesse sliding down the road, I was a little worried. When he came to a rest I jumped off my bike and yelled "stay down." At 22 and great shape Jesse was ready to jump up and run to check on his bike.

He sat for about 15 minutes and we were back on the road in about 30. Schweet. No real damage, but pride. You see just passed the neat jump of a cattle guard was a 90 degree right hand turn. Well, Jesse jumped real nice, and landed in the apex of the turn. Locking up his breaks instead of heading into the brush ended with what you see here. Still after finding Jesse alright I thought back and said "Damn why didn't I have my go pro on". Yep, I love ADV.

Now believe it or not we found the cap for that chain lube and continued to use it as I recall.

Believe it or not we put this back on and got it working also. Well, after getting a new bulb

We head into town for gas and a bulb. Then we head into the desert. It was hot....

Scott gets a little tired of the pavement quick. Out of my way buddy we're on an adventure here.



Full speed ahead. Love these roads.

We find some of this.

Staring straight into the shining sun....

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Our OBDR Trip
Our UTBDR Trip

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