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The New World I.21 – Big city life

We wake up rested and ready to go. Just before leaving, Feodor surprises us again. He comes to the motorcycle with 4 cans of salmon. “Davai, you take it!” We explain that we have very little space, traveling two up and with a lot of luggage. He would have nothing of it. I try to negotiate to take only two cans but he shows me that when it comes to food, you can always find space. Spasiba Feodor!
And so it begins a long tradition of fish cans on our journey. They’ve been with us since then. Even now, as I write this, we have 3 or 4 stashed away on the bike, just for “emergency”.
After so many posts about wilderness and remote places, I think it is about time to switch gears and check the concrete joungle of a big city.
And when I say a big city I refer of course to Anchorage. With a population of around 350000, Anchorage has almost half of all the people living in Alaska. To put things in perspective, Alaska is 7 times larger than Romania but has 25 times fewer people then Romania. So than Anchorage for sure is a metropolis in this area.
We were going to stay a few days here. We had to change the oil and the oil filter for the motorcycle. And also some rest wouldn’t hurt. I did the maintenance work by myself so no pictures of that but the guys from Yamaha store were so nice to let me use their back yard, some tools and oil pan!
It’s a boem life the one we find in Anchorage.
And it might be the largest city in the area but “big city life” here is for sure still very much connected with the nature. If you dig fishing (and who doesn’t?) you just have to pick up your rod and go on the river just in the middle of the town.
During winter you may have moose in your backyard, and during summer you just need to take your camera a few minutes out of town.
We like Anchorage. Andreea takes advantage of the city and tries a new hair style.
For some time we were looking for some tank side paniers without much success. What we found was either too expensive or it didn’t fit our bike. We entered also Alaska Leather store and long story short we end up with free second hand side paniers from Barb, the owner. She was incredible and we are amazed by Alaskan generosity. Yeah, now we have more space for food. Thank you so much Barb!
And right before leaving from Anchorage we stop at Urban Prints shop in order to have 2 T-shirts printed. When the guys hear about our trip and all the details they just decide to make the prints pro bono for us. So here we go:
We left Anchorage with a warm feeling. Yes it is a big city, yes there is traffic, yes there are lights, and concrete buildings. But the people male up for the low temperatures that are typical for the area. And to be honest Anchorage is a place where I see myself living for a longer period.
Next time we will go up high and very close to snow! Stay tuned!
Written just before H.U. meeting in Canada. My first international motorcyclists meeting. Yey!
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