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Originally Posted by 4TooMany View Post
I'm not sure what you mean by "pressure" in the front brake, but the cap on the reservoir doesn't affect it. Assuming you're talking about the cap on the reservoir on the handlebars. That cap just keeps the fluid from spilling out, the reservoir itself isn't pressurized.

Perhaps you mean the brakes are feeling "spongy"? That's usually a sign of air in the brake lines, but as long as you bled them properly when you changed the fluid, that shouldn't be happening.

Brakes (especially the front) aren't something to leave to chance. It sounds to me like the best bet is to have your dealer take a look. Or at least someone who's more versed in braking systems.
Shouldn't be happening, but is. Perhaps my bleed screws aren't tight enough? I didn't want to pound on 'em too hard. I'll flush it again and see what happens. The bleed screw, the baby one, by the reservoir won't open on my bike - damaged.
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