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The time has come, the walrus said,
To speak of many things
Of sailing ships and sealing wax
and cabbages and kings

with that in mind and after much harrassement from friends and relatives I've finally started my ride report, I should mention I left on the trip 0830 hrs 31 July, 2012. I hope everybody finds this as interesting as I've found doing the trip has been so far.
I'll start at the beginning of the trip with a quick synopsis but for those who would like to know exactly where I am now here you go.


Before I continue I must comment, I lost my notebook yesterday and had to do this from memory so it's a little abbreviated. The descriptions will improve

The first part of my journey was done in a bit of a hurry as I was heading down to Revzilla in Philadelphia to pick up some new riding gear.

Decided I would stop at the US border In St Stephan New Brunswick, get a motel room the first night due to the threat of rain, grabbed a nice bottle of local wine and settled in for a quiet night

Planning next day, trying to be organized

The border crossing went well but pictures are not allowed so I was informed.

A quick couple of days took me down to the Casa Icewalker where he had put out the welcome mat

A very gracious host with a great family

what should have been another quick run would take me down to a little place called Langehorne PA where Alex, another Advrider, played host, the theory of that ride was a lot better than the actual carrying out. Some how I forgot while previously playing with my new Nuvi gps I set no highways and no toll roads in the directions, so I managed to send myself through downtown New York City and New Jersey in the middle of rush hour. On arrival though I managed to learn something about how to become a classical pianist from Irideaslowbike who was kind enough to put me up for the night and feed me
Alex really has talent and is entered in a series of prestigious competitions in the future, the way everything went I never managed to grab a picture of him and his family, my apologies Alex.

Finally made it to Revzilla and my awaiting riding gear

this stuff really makes a fellow look good doesn't it! Well that may not be true but it makes me feel a little safer anyway. kudo's to Revzilla's staff by the way, knowledgeable,friendly and really helpful

Following Revzilla's excellent directions put me up on the SkyLine Dr, what an amazing ride, followed right away by riding the BlueRidge Parkway

There's been a lot of work done on the BlueRidge to try and highlite the areas as you travel through, one was a rebuilt watermill and a small slice of what life was like in the old days

the flumes that fed the watermill

As interesting as the rides are I think the people you meet are better

Here's two guys I met and spent the evening talking to, my age and biking the BlueRidge Parkway, now that's macho!!

This bridge is the lowest elevation of the BRP

This picture was taken by a person I met, Rodney Laughon, who is an artist, look him up(shameless plug for Rodney)

and the sign makes this self evident

Came down off the BRP and headed over to the IronHorse Lodge for a couple of days (pictures didn't turn out) and rode "The Tail Of The Dragon" most of you already know what a great piece of asphalt that is!

Even with all the rain there was for the previous week there was still a large number of riders there

It doesn't look like a lot but there are two parking lots. While I sat had a coffee and watched, the bike turnover was high, one group would leave to ride and another would fill their spot immediately, the lots never got emptier than this

having done what I wanted on the eastern side of the US I immediately headed off to Texarkana Texas where I ran into a wall of heat, just spent two days laying low in the campground swimming pool.

Just below Texarkana is the little Civil War period town Jefferson, the town doesn't seem to have seen many changes in all this time, as the saying goes the whole town reeks of history

One of the original taverns in the town

At the local emporium they had two original stocking ladders, one of which
is still in use

They had quite a selection of goods for sale

Having been invited down to Casa Tricepilot to work on the bike if necessary or just sit and talk I took advantage of his kind offer, Little did I know he only extended the invitation so he could make fun of me

Here, put this rag on your head it will keep you cool

but I have to admit it did work, got the oil changed and was ready to gird my loins and cross my second international border

Here we are holding each other up in the heat you will of course notice Tricepilot has pushed me back out in the sun again

Next installment, crossing into Mexico and being unable to locate the huge Aduana and migracion setup.

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