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Originally Posted by masukomi View Post
I’m SO GLAD we sucked it up and got hotels those nights. We just got no rest at all, and woke up feeling exhausted and gross. If we’d been doing that all the way across the midwest, I’m skeptical if we would have made it to Colorado at all, and certainly not on our timeframe. So while it felt a bit frivolous at the time, I now feel totally justified in having spent that cash even if it meant we weren’t “hardcore” and didn’t camp as often as planned. The trip would have been drastically different if we’d done things as planned - harder and more miserable, and not as safe, I think, because we would have been so exhausted.
I've enjoyed this RR and the RR for the trip down south. I notice you've struggled with the plans to camp more and the reality of ending up in hotels a lot instead. Not everyone enjoys camping. It sounds like a great idea at home, but when you get down to the actual thing hotels are easier in just about every respect. Assuming a hotel is available there are always a bunch of reasons you can use to justify staying in one and not camping. There is nothing wrong with that and no need to feel like you should have camped.

My only suggestion on the topic is that since you end up in hotels most of the time why not plan for that so you don't feel the pressure to camp or have to justify the choice to yourself each time? You can reduce your bike's load of gear by leaving the camping gear at home or just taking a very limited set of camping gear for the odd time you don't find a hotel. That way instead of not going through with your plans for a lot of camping you'll be doing what you intended.

Camping is one of those things that some people love and other people don't. If you love it you find ways to camp more and if you don't you look for ways to avoid it whenever possible. Nothing wrong with either way of looking at it. Except if you force yourself to do it when you don't want to and end up with conflicted feelings.
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